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I’m a science and tech enthusiast. I like games, movies, tv shows, comics, and manga. I also love to make and play video games.

Getting Enough Water Is Mandatory for Good Health

Photo by Bluewater Sweden on Unsplash

Water makes up a significant percentage of the human body. This liquid has a vast number of functions in the human body. Saying you can’t live without water is a vast understatement. Learning about the different benefits of water in the body has lead to me trying to increase my consumption. I have noticed many benefits from drinking more water. I have more sustained energy throughout the day. I also eat less when I’m drinking enough water. These are the three things I did to boost my water intake.

Buy a good water bottle

Getting a good water bottle will do wonders for your water…

NFTs Can Be More Than Digital Art

What are NFTs?

The emergence of the blockchain resulted in an astounding technology known as NFTs. Digital art and collectibles are the main application for NFTs today. These art projects are a great way to show the value of NFTs. Soon, NFTs will revolutionize other applications. Most of these early applications will have something to do with ownership. What do you Own in a game or who you are on the internet will drive the next wave of NFT applications?


Games are already starting to give NFTs more utility. I tried a couple of blockchain games but, I have not played any games…

Not Having a Stretching Routine Can Have Bad Consequences

Photo by Karthik Suriyamoorthy on Unsplash

In high school, I would stretch before every workout. This routine was a result of my days of being an athlete in high school. After leaving for college, this routine ended. I did not understand the importance of stretching and, I only did it because my coaches told me to. After quitting, My cardio and strength training did not suffer much. That was the main reason I started to avoid stretching. Over time this decision would come back to haunt me. Five years after graduating from college, I began to notice my lost flexibility.

What happened when I stopped Stretching

When I stopped stretching, it didn’t…

The First Generation of Ray-Ban Stories Isn’t Good Enough

Ray-Ban Stories

Facebook announced their collaborative glasses with Ray-Ban this week and, It seems destined to fail. Facebook has had a lot of success with Oculus, despite their terrible track record with privacy. One of the main reasons for this success is that the Oculus Quest 2 is better than everything on the market. Virtual reality is still a growing market and, the Oculus Quest provides an experience you can not find anywhere else. The lack of a unique experience is where the Ray-Ban Stories differs from the oculus quest. The glasses do not have a heads-up display or sensors for environmental…

Automating Performance Metrics Can Yield Great Results

Photo by Andres Urena on Unsplash

I have never been one to track the many different metrics of my physical wellness. I don’t count calories anymore and, I haven’t maxed out my bench in a few years. I like to exercise and keep a consistent schedule but, I stopped keeping track of how often I workout. A lot of the metrics are too tedious for me to keep monitoring. I heard Dr. David Sinclar talk about health data and, this motivated me to begin tracking my fitness again. I needed to make it effortless, so I bought a Fitbit. …

The Virtual Reality Market Is Getting More Competitive

Apple Headset Concept Art

There are a lot of rumors right now about Apple’s first entry into the Virtual reality market. Apple has a history of entering a market late and taking it over. They have done this recently with their smartwatch. In the past, Apple has expressed more interest in augmented reality than virtual reality. This interest has not stopped the rumors that Apple will release a VR headset or potentially a headset with VR capabilities. Virtual reality is vastly different than the markets apple has entered before this. The VR market is still very new and still requires a lot of work…

Mental Clarity Is More Important Than People Realize

Photo by Cristofer Maximilian on Unsplash

Mental clarity is very crucial to overall health and wellbeing. It helps with focus and allows you to do better work. It also helps you to feel content and leads to you doubting yourself less. I read about how people achieve greater mental clarity and how it has helped them. Some people meditate, take colder showers, or take power naps. I might have to try some of those methods but, before that, I wanted to write about my process for better mental clarity.

I Got More Sleep

Throughout college, I considered myself a night person. I would operate on 5 to 6 hours of…

Augmented Reality Might Play a Bigger Role This Year

Horizon Workrooms

This year’s Facebook Connect should be just as interesting, this year as last year. I think it will focus on the success of Quest 2 and the future of XR. I am holding out hope for at least one major announcement, hopefully, an Quest 2 Pro. I think that is a long shot and, the focus will be on software and new features. As far as hardware goes, I could see them announcing some new accessories and smart glasses.


Facebook revealed Horizon at Facebook Connect 2020. It has almost been a year now and, the app still has not been…

Facebook Should Have More Competition

Photo by Arthur Edelmans on Unsplash

Oculus is beginning to dominate the virtual reality market. Facebook deserves half of the credit for this accomplishment because they have put a lot of research and money into the market. The other half of the credit goes to other tech companies for not creating a valuable competitor. When the oculus rift first launched, there was plenty of competition. The Samsung Gear VR competed with Google Daydream, and the Oculus Rift went toe to toe with the HTC Vive. That is when Facebook released the Oculus Go and ended the mobile VR headsets. The standalone market emerged after that when…

Can They Coexist or Will One Prevail

Photo by Nastya Dulhiier on Unsplash

The emergence of cloud computing over the last ten years has reshaped the internet. Before the cloud, every company had to run private-owned servers. That made it difficult and expensive for start-ups to get off the ground. There have also been some downsides to the cloud. Everything is more centralized so if AWS goes down, then so does a sizable chunk of the internet. Today there is a new technology making headlines and promises to redefine the internet in the same way. The blockchain promises more security and a more even playing field.

Centralized vs Decentralized

A centralized network is a network where…

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