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Tony Jones
2 min readJan 25, 2022


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The first article on my list is my first article to see some success. I wrote this article shortly after my journey into self-development began. It is still my most personal article, even if it’s just a list of tips. This was my highest-earning article, and I enjoyed writing it.

I enjoy new technology and looking to the future to see how technology could develop. This is the first article I wrote that speculates on the future of technology. I plan to write more of these tech articles in 2022.

Stretching was one of the things I incorporated into my schedule in 2021. It helps me relax and improves my stress levels. I wrote this article because I had a positive reaction to consistent stretching. It has made my workouts and recovery a lot better.

This is the first article I wrote about the future of a single product. It is also my most viewed article. I didn’t make much money from it because a large percentage of that is external views. I am a big fan of VR, and I want to write more VR articles in the future.

It’s already time to write my first anniversary of learning Japanese. This is another personal favorite of mine. I enjoy the process of learning a new skill, and this is my first serious attempt at learning a language on my own.


My favorite articles are about tech and my journey into self-development. I enjoy all the articles I write but these five a very special to me. I plan to update this list to 10 once the next five come along. Thank you to everyone who reads and subscribes to my content.



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